Matt Woodbury

Film-Maker, Founder of Pop. Of Zero

Matt Woodbury is the founder of Population Of Zero, an independent movie production company that has made quite a buzz the last couple of years. Matt has been making videos for bands, editing and filming web series. Matt has been on radio, television and Pod casts talking about his love of horror, music and making documentaries.

Matt made a documentary about the 1953 Beecher tornado entitled The Screaming Sky in 2016. The movie created a buzz throughout Michigan and was featured in all types of media including newspapers, radio and television and also received recognition from Film Con just from a trailer. He has also made a horror movie that was called “Rotten to thee Core” in 2017 that has been a finalist in 3 film festival and was accepted in countless others.
Matt’s newest project is a series called Reflections of Fear where each episode is concentrated on a Mid Michigan Urban Legend.

Matt also is in 2 horror shorts that son will be filming called “Doodle” and “Selfie”